Dropping Hyomin cause…

OTL. No one really wants to plot with this girl. ):

And since a lot of people dropped, lost a bunch of relationships.

Hopefully, someone will pick her up and RP her better. ; w ;

xmen-moongeunyoung-deactivated2 sent: -skips past the doorway, dropping a bag of varied cookies with a note attached.- Hello, I am Moon Geun Young, Room 57! Pleased to meet you! You're so pretty! Please take care!

(/picks up the cookies) Oh, thank you! You’re pretty as well. (/chuckles) Please to meet you, I’m the Tactics Teacher, Hyomin. Heh.

RPer/Character QA Time! Inbox me!

1. RPer's real name?
2. Why did I choose my character, and how do I choose to play him/her?
3. If my character was born in a different era, what would I change about him/her?
4. Rper x Character; how would our relationship go?
5. Give one headcanon l have about my character(s).
6. Favourite thing about character.
7. What do you imagine when I think of my character?
8. If I changed your character's clothing options, what would I change and why?
9. If my character were to be given a haircut by me, what would I do?
10. If my character were to die, how would I react?
11. What is character's biggest secret?
12. What does RPer ship character with?
13. Worse moment for character.
14. Best moment for character.
15. What RPer secretly wants character to do.
16. How character reacts to magic anons.
17. What RPer likes about character.
18. What character prefers the most on Tumblr.
19. Most likely scenario for character on Tumblr.
20. What does RPer dislike about character?

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Do it Do it Do it Do it

Yellow: When you get older, where would you want to live?
Orange: Where do you want to be right now?
Lilac: What is your dream vacation?
Beige: What is your favorite dream?
White: Who was your first kiss?
Purple: Who was your last kiss?
Tangerine: Give a description of who you like.
Gray: Share a relationship story.
Green: Share a family story.
Gold: Share a story that makes you smile.
Black: Share something you did embarrassingly.
Blue: Are you still friends with the people you met in elementary school?
Magenta: What is something you barely tell anyone?
Red: What are your hobbies?
Violet: What college do you plan to attend?
Brown: Would you rather have a relationship or friend with benefit? Explain.
Peach: Who is your favorite teacher so far?
Pink: What is the meaning behind your url?

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